Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Compendium of ETF Resources

Exchange Traded Funds are continuing to explode in popularity - the 52 new ETFs created during 2010 in Canada accounted for 28% of new listings on the TSX. Canada is part of a worldwide phenomenon. The worldwide growth of ETFs was only momentarily interrupted by the 2008 crash as the chart below from a TSX presentation dramatically shows. Assets and trading volumes are rising accordingly.

ETFs have many strengths and good points, but not all ETFs are necessarily good or appropriate for individual investors. Along with the proliferation of ETFs, there is a proliferation of online content about them. To save readers time and effort to track down good information on ETFs, we offer a compendium of resources that we believe can help.

Canadian ETF Providers
  • iShares Canada - largest provider with broad range of cap-weighted index funds - including the most popular ETF in Canada the S&P / TSX 60 Index (XIU) - along with growing numbers of sector funds and foreign funds, many with currency hedging
  • BMO Financial Group - a series of sector and sub-sector specialized funds, using features such as equal weighting, currency hedging, target maturity, income-orientation
  • Claymore Canada - fundamental weight index trackers plus range of sector and income-oriented funds and a few portfolio funds
  • Horizons AlphaPro and BetaPro - the place for actively-managed, leveraged, inverse and other strategy funds
US ETF Providers
The following are only the biggest (by assets) providers in the USA. There are many others - we counted 42 total ETF providers in one list.
Articles, News, Analysis, Research
Model Portfolios - basic, passive ETF portfolios to get started
Portals, Search and Filtering Tools, Quotes, Comparison Data
Most of these sites also include ETF basics - what they are, how they work, how they can serve the individual investor. Wikipedia has an entry on ETFs with basic information.
Canadian Taxes
Discussion Forums - Ask questions, likely someone will know the answer
As always, we may have missed some good resources - if we have, post a comment as other readers would no doubt also like to know what you do. Happy and productive reading to all!

Disclaimer: this post is my opinion only and should not be construed as investment advice. Readers should be aware that the above comments are not an investment recommendation. The sources' accuracy is not guaranteed and the article may not interpret their quality correctly. Do your homework before making any decisions and consider consulting a professional advisor.

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